Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I want to take a minute to say thank you.

On a big scale...
I'm thankful for amazing family.
I'm thankful for an incredible husband that I waited 10 years to call mine.
I'm thankful for friends who serve as an amazing support system and source of endless laughs.
I'm thankful for a growing business in which I can do something I love everyday.
I'm thankful for my health. Inexplicably thankful.

On a small scale...
I'm thankful for my pup's breath on my face every morning.
I'm thankful for weekend walks.
I'm thankful for the upcoming holiday season that I love so, so very much.
I'm thankful for kisses on the forehead.
I'm thankful for home cooked feasts.
I'm thankful for nights in front of the fire.

Although three Thanksgiving celebrations in one day might sound overwhelming, I'm so happy I can be with my mom during the day, my dad for dinner and my in-laws for dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Take a minute to be thankful.

I'll be back on Friday.



  1. kinda just teared up. great post :) Happy Thanksgiving Alex!

  2. Good post!! Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. love this... and love that you get to celebrate with ALL your family. enjoy!

  4. You're blessed, Alex. And there's a good reason for that :) Love you! Enjoy your celebrations.

  5. Awww, this is such a sweet post! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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