Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

It seems like you guys were interested in my advice regarding the night of the wedding, so today I'd like to share my advice about the planning process.

I learned that "needing" a planner completely depends on the person. I needed one. We created a venue out of nothing, and I never would've been able to do what Marina did on my own. For other people, it may not be such a necessity.

I learned not to stress. Or at least, I really really tried. This is one day. Its a really important day, but its important because you are getting married not because there will be flowers and a party. I tried really hard to keep this in the back of my head at all times. It doesn't mean that I never broke down, but I tried to keep it in perspective. Planning is stressful. For everyone. But you choose how the stress affects you.

I learned to keep a very close eye on your budget. Regardless of how big or small every single penny of your budget will be spent and if you don't keep a watchful eye, more could be spent than you have.

I learned this is no right length of time for an engagement. We were engaged for 14 months and people thought we were crazy and that we'd be ready to kill eachother by the end. Instead, by the end we were so excited for it to be there we would've gotten married 3 months earlier or 3 months later.

I learned the guest list isn't fun. Its tough no matter what size your wedding is. Keep it organized, I didn't and wish I had. Some invites got returned because addresses were wrong, we missed people... You get the idea. It wasn't ideal.

I learned to listen to my fiance. There were a couple things that were important to him to be involved in, the rest he didn't really care about. So I picked and chose where to involve him. We had zero arguments regarding the wedding planning. He let me do my thing and spoke up when something mattered. It made the planning process 1,000 times easier for both of us.

I learned to enjoy the process. It only happens once it your life!

That's my two cents, married ladies do you have any wedding planning advice to share?


  1. Don't forget to enjoy the process...the entire day (weekend) seems to go by in mere moments, enjoying the process helps to memorialize the entire experience!

  2. I agree with Carey, I love the whole process! I'm going to be so sad when it's over! XOXO

  3. I agree with all of that!

    I would add that women should not let themselves feel pressured to put on a Pinterest-worthy affair complete with fair trade artisan chocolates and Dutch flowers. Just because some other bride did it, doesn't mean it's required. Friends and family are not going to come to a wedding and be critical so do what makes you happy and enjoy the day!

  4. agree with all of this and the comments above! i'd also add that you can't please everyone and that's ok. at the end of the day, you have to do what feels right for you and your fiance, and learn how to politely say no when friends and family are asking things of you that you're not comfortable with. similarly, there is no perfect seating chart - do your best to be sensitive, but know that it won't be perfect and that's ok too.

  5. Great advice. I need to follow that!!

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