Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goals of 2013

Here's the deal. I'm not much of a "resolution" person. It feels like you are setting yourself up for failure, not to mention puts a negative spin on your previous year. I like to set goals. There's nothing like a goal to motivate you. And because I'm a firm believer that if you put it out there in the universe, you're more likely to hold yourself accountable, I'm going to share my business 2013 goals.


1. Get organized. Being a one (wo)man show, I often say that all of the information is in my head, it doesn't need to be on paper too. Not anymore. Binders, files, boxes. I need it all.

2. Grow my business. Take on projects that will teach me something, challenge me and help me get stronger as a business person. Skips the ones that eat up hours and don't get me too far.

3. Post original content multiple times a week. If there's anything I've learned from blogging its not that no one (including me) wants to see regurgitated pinterest pictures.

4. Get published. This one is big for me. It is a tangible success and I like that.

5. Finish up my office. Its easy for the design of my office to fall to the bottom of my list each week, but I want to get it done asap. Its much more inspiring to work in a pretty space.

What do you think of goals vs resolutions? Do you have any for 2013?


  1. You will do it all. I have no doubt. Thanks for sharing, Alex!! xo

  2. great goals! i like the idea of making goals instead of resolutions, seems more positive.

  3. Great goals! Love the title.. i just sent my boy an email telling him that "2013 was going to be our year!". Best wishes!

  4. Organization is my #1 too!!! You should see my desk :(

  5. I feel like goals are MUCH more attainable. When you make resolutions you're setting yourself for failure (or at least I am).

  6. I love goals, I feel like they hold you accountable. I've stopped resolutions and started making a to-do list every year. This year I have 21 things on my to-do list. Some are fun and simple and others will require work. Having a list gives me the opportunity to check off what I accomplished. Who wants to check off two things? Not me!

    Taylor Brione

  7. i love these goals! especially the get more organized, that's something that helps with life in the long run, just just a short lived resolution!


  8. These sound like great goals! Best of luck with them. :)

  9. I am definitely a goals girl. Way easier to put my mind to and hopefully reach success!! I know you will too!

  10. these are great resolutions! mine are pretty similar.

  11. We are loving your Number 1 Goal for 2013!! We know you will accomplish this one!! :)

    the NEAT Girls

  12. Goal #1 is on my list too - well I think it is on quite a few lists!
    I was so inspired I went to Container Store last weekend and stocked up on quite a few essentiels and I am already feeling better abou my orgaization level:)

    Happy New Year!

  13. Love these. I'm all about getting organized too annnnd decorating my office. My goal is to decorate my entire house this year. EEKS!!! After reading Blog Inc, I'm with you on the original content. xox

  14. i decided not to make any resolutions, but i am fasting :)
    Good luck with yours, they all sound pretty good!

  15. Great goal list. I know you can do it! Your work is fabulous!!

  16. Just started following you and I love your blog!

    Also, I completely agree with the whole goal vs. resolution concept! I actually did a similar post on my blog!

  17. I did the goal thing too, and I've set myself up for a busy year! I can't wait to watch your biz soar, I miss our entrepreneur vid chats, we need to make a goal of bringing it back :)

  18. I am VERY into goals and not so much resolutions. I did a post on just that! Love your goals and can't wait to see where they take you!
    ann e


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