Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mary's Millions

I hope you have been watching Million Dollar Decorators because its fantastic. Endlessly entertaining with some occasional beautiful interiors. What more could you ask for?

This week was the season finale and we got to follow along while Mary redid her own home (those are always my favorite projects to see).

I googled to no end to try and find pictures of this redo but found nothing, until... I found Cioa Newport Beach, a blog that a did post very similar to the one I had in mine! Success!

Here are a few favorites:

The eat-in kitchen in gorgeous Quadrille green ikat and green velvet

The "grown up" living room. Its pretty a little blah to me.

The master bedroom was the true highlight. It was absolute perfection as far as I'm concerned. Whimsical, feminine, timeless.

and yes I know the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. But its better than nothing right?


  1. First of all, that bedroom is amazing. Secondly, the commercial where they show the mirror being dropped gave me SO much anxiety, I couldn't even handle it.

  2. gahh obsessed with this show!! i love mary macdonald. but hgtv really needs to get on the ball with more hi-res, large pics from this show. side note, JAM and ross are the most gorgeous couple i've ever seen.

  3. Hi! Thanks for Featuring my pictures! I will be having withdrawls until next season of million Dollar Decorators! Mary and Jeffrey are definitely my favorites....


  4. loved it!!! i was shocked!!

  5. Mary is by far my favorite and her style is just so amazing. I love that her home isn't over the top glam! It's eclectic and home-y. I haven't watched the season finale yet, but I am so excited to see her in action!! xoxo

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  7. OMG I am obsessed with Mary's home. I loved the wallpaper she used and how she left the white floors and ceiling in the living room.

    BTW. I sent you a message through FB it has to do with a renovation.


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