Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend kicked my butt. I'm exhausted. Luckily, it was worth it, we had so much fun.

The insanely beautiful flowers for the bridal shower (David Austen roses, sweet pea, dusty miller and carnations).

A concert with one of my very favorite bands. If you haven't checked out Wild Belle, I highly suggest you do, now. (this song, or this, or this actually any of them)

Toasting to the bride-to-be 

Hope you had a great weekend. Its absolutely frigid here in Chicago. I'm scared to leave the house so hopefully that means I will be super productive on this holiday, quasi day off.


  1. I LOVE Wild Belle. I saw them open up for Tennis back in May and instantly became a fan. I tried looking for their album on itunes and it looked like they only had vinyl or something. So good! Gorgeous flowers too. Happy Monday!

  2. So much fun and wow...gorgeous flowers!!!

  3. Loved seeing your pics this weekend. And those flowers are so pretty! xo

  4. wow great flowers!!
    kisses from Milano

  5. Ohh checking out the songs, btw love that bracelet! I'm guessing its yours, bc it looks like it is coming from the camera angle. need deets!


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