Friday, January 25, 2013

Woohoo, its Friday!

I'm hoping my weekend looks something like this. With a little less snow sadly (WTF, where's the snow?). 

We're escaping to Michigan for a relaxing weekend next to the fire. The past week has been nuts and I am so looking forward to spend some quality time with Spencer and doing nothing.

See you Monday!


  1. What a gorgeous picture! Happy Friday!

  2. This image is so dreamy! Enjoy the escape...the warm fire, relaxation. We have had snow...but it was in the single digits the last few days, so it's not even "play in the snow" weather.

  3. Oh there is a lot of snow here in Michigan. It's supposed to snow all day (Friday) and all night. And then sunny on Saturday. Where to vacation in Michigan?

  4. It is currently snowing in Wisconsin -- about two inches so far! Depending on where you're going in Michigan I'd say you'll likely run into some snow! Enjoy your weekend!
    grey et al

  5. Lots of snow in Ohio...I'm sure it went through MI.


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