Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cold Weather Essentials

There are a couple must have items that I have picked up from my 27 years living in Chicago. Items that get my through this Midwest winter pretty comfortably and today I thought I'd share the wisdom.

Black Fur Tecnica Boots (nothing will keep your feet warm like these crazy things)
Huge Furry Hue Socks (I own a ridiculous number of these)
Cozy hats (enough said)
Apple Cinnamon Spice Tea (my all time favorite tea on a cold night, apple pie in a cup)
Tuberose Soy Candle (this goes without saying, nothing beats a yummy candle)
Bag Balm (Vaseline on steriods, it heals all chapped lips immediately)

Do you have any winter saviors to share? Spill it!


  1. I'm going to have to try the Bag Balm, my lips feel like they can't get moisturized!

  2. I discovered the Cinnamon Apple Spice tea a few years back during fall, and it's my go-to tea! Love it ad I agree, Chicago winters are not very nice sometimes :)

  3. This is great! I live in South Dakota and I wear some fuzzy socks pretty much every single day! Along with my hat, a must have is a nice bulky scarf. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I live in Boston where the winters get pretty rough and I agree with all of these! My other go tos? A big scarf, techn gloves and a good cup of coffee!

    X Kenzie

  5. I think I need those boots for our trip to Vermont!

  6. I love that hat! I'm getting ready for a trip to NYC and have no cold weather essentials. Case and point: it is in the high sixties right now in Texas. BOO! But that hat would be perfect. I may need to purchase it!

  7. you can never have too many fuzzy slippers!! it has yet to get super cold here in D.C., fingers crossed!


  8. I love today's post. I am going to have to try that tea! Bag balm is also amazing! My winter must have is moroccan oil hydrating styling cream. It prevents my hair from being very very dry! Also Maybelline baby lips and the lip slip by Sara Happ!

  9. Fuzzy socks and warm drinks are a must -- I also definitely have to always have a scarf, to burrow into when it's windy!


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