Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Weekend

Tomorrow I am off to snowy Wisconsin, but in the mean time I'll be dreaming of this...

Santorini. Where we're going in September!! Eekk! So excited.

Have a fabulous weekend. I'll be dreaming of white stucco and feta cheese. Seriously. 



  1. yada yada yada, oh look, the kidless newlyweds are off on more vacations ;)

  2. Oh this is my absolute dream destination!:) Hope you have a wonderful time.;)
    Diana from

  3. Ahhh thats so exciting! If there s one place in the world I could pick to go, it would be Santorini! September can't come soon enough I bet!

  4. Santorini is the best! You definitely should check out the Perivolos beach -- it's my favorite one!

  5. Greece is my dream vacation! So Jealous! Have a great time in Wisconsin!

  6. Oooh and olive oil too! So jealous! Santorini is on my wish list :)

  7. Eeeeee! I've always wanted to go there! So dreamy!
    xo @megbiram

  8. Definitely a little more glam than Wisconsin (c; But I'm sure it will be a good trip, so have fun!


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