Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obsessions of the week: Shopping edition

Earrings: How perfect are these? They would dress up any simple outfit, day or night.
Skirt: I love this sweater for the summer with a silk tank, or the winter with an oversized sweater. The pattern is just so good.
Pumps: The perfect Etta pump in white and black croc
Necklace: I mean, everything from Jcrew's new collection, but how good is this necklace?
Sweater: An every.single.day sweater. Seriously, I would wear it everyday. Vince is just so good.
Belt: Black, white and gold. With a bow! No need to say anything more.
Lip gloss: My all time favorite. Moisturizing, has SPF and stays on. There's nothing better.

Blogging is both dangerous and helpful when it comes to my shopping. I see so many gorgeous things every day and I am so tempted. But posts like this also help feed a little bit of my addiction. So you guys should buy this stuff and tell me how amazing it is so I can live vicariously. Thanks.


  1. I've been obsessing over that necklace - SO gorgeous!

  2. that is the worlds best lip balm. ever.

  3. Those earrings! Seriously, so gorgeous. And I love that they're kind of neutrals, too!

    The Glossy Life

  4. I can never get your links to work...is it just me??

  5. Love them all, especially the necklace!

  6. The pattern on that skirt is amazing! And I love Fresh too -- my husband just surprised me with a new Sugar Rose one because I'd run out and I can't stop using it this winter! My poor lips need all the moisture they can get.
    grey et al

  7. I am obsessed with clover canyon prints lately! and I agree about the shopping and blogging problem. I see something everyday that I am pretty positive I need

  8. So if we're buying up these items to test them out for you, I call the J Crew necklace and pumps...I know, I know, it's so nice of me to fall on that sword, but I'm a team player (c;

  9. JCrew has been amazing this season. And I've never heard of this Bag Balm? I'll be in Colorado next month and have been looking for some good winter weather products...may have to try this!

  10. Love the Etta pumps, the necklace, and bow belt! Cute finds.


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