Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

For some reason yesterday, my mouse wouldn't leave my side. And look at his face? Now do you see where the name "mouse" came from??

I'm totally in love with my new Dana Rebecca initial bangle.

Got this adorable little jewelry bowl/tray/cup from etsy recently. Its the perfect place to put jewelry on my nightstand.

Enjoyed one of my favorite beers, while watching the Blackhawks being AMAZING. Per usual.

An approved client plan. Can't wait to see this one all finished up. Its much more neutral than I typically go with but I love it!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. So sad its already over!


  1. I'm drooooling over your initial bangle - it's so stunning!! I love the little jewelry tray too, so perfect for a bedside table!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  2. Totally get the Mouse nickname! And your new bracelet is amazing!

  3. I love the blow/tray/cup. And I still cannot believe how well the blackhawks are doing!! It's incredible. I'm not a hawks fan so it's a little more bittersweet for me haha

  4. Oh look at that sweet face!! His nickname is so fitting :)

    I am obsessed with your bangle--it's fantastic!

  5. Gahhhh your Mouse is so darling!! I am obsessed with that initial bracelet. I think I need it for my anniversary. haha! xoxo

  6. First of all, that bracelet is so chic. Love it! And I am a huge etsy fan, I recently bought a great art print for my powder room on Etsy. I get soo many compliments and it was only $20. Amazing. Second of all, the dog had me at hello. I am also the owner of a lab, his name is Oliver and he is the man! Looks like a great project in the works, can't wait to see some pics when it is completed.


  7. Huge fan of the bracelet! And your little "mouse" is the cutest little one I ever did see :)

  8. Your pup is precious! and I love that bracelet. I think I will have to buy myself one.


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