Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was lots of fun and super relaxing. Just what I needed.

A peek at a little jewelry trunk show Liz and I hosted at Dana Rebecca last week. So much fun!

The weather was beautiful (too bad today is disgusting) and we spent it outside with the pup as much as possible. And yes, as my friends have so nicely pointed out, I need to color my asap. The grey is EVERYWHERE.

My new shoes from Zara. How insane? It was the only pair they had in the store and they fit perfectly (I suggest going down a full size)

Our Easter dessert feast from my favorite bakery, Sweet Mandy B's

Is it really April 1 and 30 degrees? Spring... you're a jerk.


  1. I live in Michigan and it's totally snowing again. So gross. At least the weekend was nice!


  2. Oh I love those shoes!! Good find!

  3. Such great shoes! And yeah, spring is playing a huge joke on us all! I live in Seattle and it was 80 yesterday and now it's 45 and gloomy. Boo!

  4. Those sugar cookies are calling my name! We're finally getting some warm weather in GA. Spring needs to hurry up and get here to stay, I'm running out of clothing options!

  5. I need those shoes like right now! How fun! Way more fun than the rain we have going on here...

    Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop

  6. So fun!!! That is a great picture of you and Liz!!! I am about to go eat a cookie now bc those look so delish!! xo

  7. Those shoes from Zara are amazing

  8. Zara is seriously killing it in all areas lately! Those shoes are fabulous!

  9. Those shoes are amazing! Can't wait to see how you rock them! You should see my roots they are bad, real bad!

  10. Oh both of you ladies look so cute! What a fun trunk show to get to host! Post more pictures!!


  11. I am SO excited to see you two in couple of weeks :)

  12. This post is amazeballs. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog.
    First, the Zara shoes made my cry out loud with delight. SUCH A FIND.
    You're dessert feast looks amazing.
    You're dog looks so so sweet!
    And a trunk show of jewels to boot?
    Looks like an awesome awesome weekend!

  13. looks like a fun weekend! My wedding earrings were Dana Rebecca :) and I want those Zara shoes , they never have my size ugh


  14. Sounds like a real girls bromance to me) I wish I could go out tonight with my friends for a couple or shots and a nice chat but they are pointing their noses up refusing to use the help of professional college essay writers as I did. Probably I will die alone. Well, at least with submitted assignment))


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