Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BEST OF ::: Net-a-Porter Sale

This is a little bit of a different "Best of" today, I've been posting a lot about sales, but I couldn't not share this one... Net-a-porter's sale! Here are some of my favorite pieces.

And I really felt like splurging.... this would be one my splurge for sure. I've had my eye on this bag forever.

Oh and most importantly. A very, very happy 28th birthday to my Spencer. I hope you get the present you want most in the world. A BLACKHAWKS WIN!



  1. Umm, I've been eyeing a million things on the Net A Porter sale but every time I look my size is sold out! Boo :(

  2. That Miu Miu dress is just amazing!

  3. happy birthday to spence!!!!! and YES to a blackhawks win!!! give me that pink dress!

  4. We share a b-day! Happy Birthday to Spencer! I think to celebrate today you should treat yourself to the Lanvin :)

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