Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

And the last installment of our wedding.

As I've mentioned my bridesmaids were family (sisters, cousins and sisters-in-law), but it meant so much to have these girls there with me, some of them I've been friends with since I was two years old.

"Hey guys look back at me, I know its awkward but it will make a great picture" ... and it did!

Our beautiful city. 

Let's keep it real. My wedding dress was beautiful, but damn it was huge and tight and a lot to carry around. At one point I decided to unzip it and lay down on the floor of the ceremony tent. Spencer came to blow me kisses and then quickly told me to get off my ass.

So I smashed cake in his face and thought I was the most funny person in the world.

A good family friend of ours happens to be an insanely talented singer, in an INCREDIBLE band (whose CD just came out, go out buy it, Isles by Wild Belle) sang "At Last" during the reception and I'm pretty sure the entire room went silent. This girl's voice is like heaven.

And now... the after party. Long story short, our wedding took place on a little peninsula in downtown Chicago that at one point was used as a private airport... until our corrupt mayor had it torn up in the middle of the night and made into a park. Hence, our wedding being there. However, the old terminal building is still standing and that's where our after party was.

The Spazmatics performed until all hours of the night.


And Spencer and I danced until every single person went home.

It was truly one of the best nights of our lives. I'm sure there will be many times in our life that will top this night (you know like birth of children etc :)) but wow, this was a good one. I married a really incredible human in front of every other human I love. What more could you ask for?

If there's something I left off that you're curious about, let me know, otherwise, I hope you all enjoyed this adsurdly, long, drawn out, look into our wedding.

Photographer: Aaron Delesie
Wedding planner: Marina Birch from Birch Design Studio
Flowers and decor : Kehoe Designs
Lighting and Tent : Frost
Venue: Northerly Island, Chicago IL
Catering: Food for Thought
Wedding Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Grooms suit: Brioni
Bridesmaid dresses: Elise Bergman
Paper goods: Jessica Murnane from Suitor
Band: Becca Kaufman Orchestra

You can see all the non-professional photos of our wedding here. Our wedding video here. Installment #1 of professional pictures and installment #2.


  1. We're using Frost for lighting too, excited!!! XO

  2. Seems like one heck of a celebration! Done so beautifully!!! Cheers to a long & happy marriage :)

  3. i loved it all so much! he came to blow you kisses?! seriously?! amazing.

  4. The love you have for your husband, and the way you describe your love for the people in your life is touching. I think that's the most beautiful part of your wedding (besides all the other beautiful details!)!

  5. How beauuutiful - love your dress! We used to fly in to Meigs Field a lot - such a gorg location. Xo

  6. yayayay love it.

  7. I love how you kept it real. I would so be doing that too...haha

  8. Love this post! The pictures definitely capture the momentum of your wedding celebrations. By the way, you have fab style! Your dress is gorgeous :)

  9. Pretty much the best wedding ever. I'm so happy for you two. True love.

  10. i love it ALL! and i've gushed to you before about how much i loved your video but these little tidbits are so good too! you on the floor is hilarious! and that cake smash photo is adorable!

  11. Such a dreamy wedding. You should post a video of her singing At Last. I would LOVE to hear it!! :)

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