Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dining Dilemas

Yesterday was interesting. What was supposed to be a productive day of really getting back to the grind, ended up with me in the emergency room after dropping a dining table on my foot. Luckily all is ok. But with a lot of waiting room time on my hands, I got to thinking about decorating our dining room. Of course, my mind went to decorating, doesn't yours when your foot is throbbing?

Our main level is open concept. You've seen bits and pieces of our new kitchen, but our dining/living areas are going to fresh and new. Most of our old furniture doesn't work in the new place, so we're repurposing and slowly buying new pieces.

Here's the problem. I am absolutely my own worst client. I know every designer says it, but its true. With a client, I am always decisive, knowing exactly what my first choice is. With myself, its an entirely different ballgame. So today I wanted to share some of the options I'm considering for the dining room. Want to see how far I got?

chairs (love the metal frame on these)::: dining table (ours was given to us, but it has very similar lines and stain) :::

And then I froze. This is no joke. What fabric do I want the chairs in? What light fixture works with what we have in our kitchen?

So instead, I'll share some dining rooms I love, and you guys can help me dissect whats so great about them (keep in mind, with the open concept floorplan, you can't be quite as daring because it has to work with the kitchen/family room)

Do I take the feminine Chinoiserie print that's on the walls and put it on the chairs?

Or do I do a bold solid color that can be tied in elsewhere?

Or do I throw it all out the window, and do some really funky stuff?

HELP. What is your favorite dining room and why?

Oh and PS... Since Google Reader will no longer be available after July 1st (tear) I want to make sure to introduce you all to Bloglovin', Bloglovin' is making it really easy to move all of your Google Reader blogs directly to Bloglovin' here.


  1. Even though the three dining rooms you featured are obviously different, there are definitely things that unify them: a mix of old and new, gold(!), and statement pieces (almost like statement jewelry) -- like an ornate, interesting mirror; a sculptural, notice-it-right-away light fixture. I'm by no means an expert, but I think it makes sense to choose main pieces and fabrics that can go with a lot of different things, because you can always make a dining space feel totally different with the accessories (the statement pieces) in the room (like imagine if those ginger jars in the 2nd pic were replaced with really modern brass candle holders from Dwell Studio...or the mirror and hurricanes in the first picture were swapped out -- it'd feel totally different). Knowing your creative streak and the desire to change it up, assume that a year from now, you might want a different look entirely! :)

    Okay, I'll shut up now. xo, vmac

  2. Oh no! Is your foot ok?! Your dining room is going to be beautiful no matter what you do!

  3. omg, your foot! is it ok now? i really like the idea of neutrals (chairs, etc.) that you can spice up with interesting accessories around the room. :)

  4. Your foot your foot!! oh my goodness.
    and you can do this alex. get decisive and bold and do it to it :)

  5. Ouch! I love all you inspirational images & your dining chairs are awesome. I love the idea of a print on the outside back of the chairs and a bold solid in velvet or mohair on the inside seat & back & a colourful / powerful piece of art, amazing and unique light fixture & wall sconces, then keep the rest neutral. Just my 2cents! I hope your foot feels better:) {}

  6. I'm so sorry you ended up in the ER! I hope it feels better today. Maverick loves you so much I'm sure he would happily be your foot prop for the next few days!

  7. dude. i feel ya. making decisions for your own space is HARD -- especially when you're drawn to a variety of styles. my mantra is always to live in the space for awhile and let it tell you what it wants...or what you keep going back to. but that's coming from someone that has taken a year and a half to NOT finish their house, so take that for what you will :)

    whatever you decide will be FABULOUS! ox

  8. I am definitely drawn to the first room, it is light and bright and love the gold elements.

  9. ouch! i'm so sorry you hurt your foot! and i really like the bold solid color chairs. you could always do a solid on one side and a print on the other side.

  10. My vote is to go for the feminine print! It will be a great palate to draw from PLUS it will easily disguise spills!! Can't wait to see the finished product ;)

    Xo Julia
    Tartan & Sequins

  11. Oh man I just love chinoiserie in a dining room. It adds a nice level of formality and whimsy at the same time. Then, again, not totally sure I see it with those chairs. The chairs are damn sexy, though!

  12. I think you could do a bit of all three; the chinoiserie wall paper print, funky chair color for the brass chairs (which I LOVE) and a modern chandelier. Shoot me an email or call as I may have something you could be interested in, that is in the 1st photo. BTW, it is not shown on my website. I hope to work with you soon, as I am a huge fan of your blog and I'm in the Chicago area. Best of luck!


  13. foot injuries are no joke. sore/injured feet ruin everything! can't walk properly so then your hips and back starts to hurt and it just goes downhill from there. at least for me it does/did, ha! but seriously, so glad you went to have it looked at it and that you'll be okay. I'm all over the first room, it's so "me". I actually laughed because I currently have this fabric sitting next to me, just decided to use it for pillow covers and it's kinda sorta the same as the wallpaper:

  14. I love the pop of emerald on the chairs, and it would be easy to tie in with the other rooms.

    good luck!

  15. Oh my goodness I am glad your foot is okay!! And I am the exact same way when it comes to decorating our indecisive! Whatever you pick will be wonderful I am sure! For me I say go with something bold and crazy on the chairs because you can change those a lot easier than wallpaper!

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