Friday, June 7, 2013

Link Round Up

I love when bloggers post their favorite links of the week on Fridays, so instead of posting a random little pic with a "TGIF" like I usually do, I figured I'd make use of this day! Here are my favorite posts of the week

- This library from House Beautiful served as major inspiration in our new house. Cannot wait to share!!!
- Number one is absolutely the weekly coffee talk at It's The Little Things. They are always hilarious, but this week was incredible. I died laughing. If you like reality/trash TV(oh and monograms) you need to read this blog.
- I discovered this recipe for Greek pesto pasta salad at Shari's blog. YUM. I could eat this every single night. Thanks for sharing all of your other favorite sources for delicious food, I'm excited to check them all out.
- ShopBop's new arrivals totally killed it this week. There are so many things on my current wish list. A sampling? This, this and this
- One of my favorite people on the planet, Chassity, launched her very own styling business. Now she can help make all of us look at perfectly put together as she always does. I have spent some IRL (in-real-life) time with her so I can really speak to this, this girl is adorable! The best.

Nowwww we can say TGIF. Have a great weekend! xo


  1. Can not wait to see the room inspired by that greatness and thanks for the links- I missed Chassity's announcement so thank you:)

  2. OMG thank you for sending me to It's the Little Things Coffee Talk....cannot stop laughing. Fabulous!

  3. "Coffee Talk" is THE BEST! She's always got the best commentary!!! TGIF

  4. awww thanks my love for talking about Coffee Talk :) See you at Hub sooooon!

  5. I love Chassity's news!! And yes that library is so good!! The best thing in that house! Happy weekend!

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