Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend provided just the right amount of rest and relaxation required. I can't believe its already over.

A little taxi selfie action

Just as we were finishing up our lovely al fresco dinner, the annual naked bike ride went past. Thousands of naked people riding down the streets. Not a pretty sight... but highly entertaining. 

Spencer got the world's largest piece of cake at his belated birthday dinner and seemed ridiculously happy about it.

Met up with some of my very favorite ladies for a drink.

And oogled this gorgeous hotel lobby. 


  1. ...excuse me, but that is a PIECE of cake? Look like a great weekend!

  2. I spy Luxbar?!


  3. i want that piece of cake. right now. for my next two meals. yea, i'm a pretty aggressive cake eater.

  4. the cake!! oh how i want that right now.

  5. Cutie. And yay for belated bday cake.

    Btw I commented on Friday's post but it's not showing up now. You know I love you :)

  6. Yum...cake! Dying over the naked dude and the chandelier;)

  7. Love the the chandelier! Also, what lip color is that in the selfie? It's too perfect. Looks like a good weekend.


  8. Haha the bikes and the cake - a good smile for a Monday. :) I have a similar pic of my husband being ridiculously happy after finding and holding the world's largest cat. It's the little things...

    Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop

  9. Naked bike riders - hilarious! [}

  10. The most perfect lip color, and love that chandelier!!!

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