Thursday, July 25, 2013

BEST OF ::: Stools

One of my favorite decorating accessories are little stools. I love them next to a reading chair, surrounding a sofa, or flanking a console. They are fantastic to use for extra seating when entertaining and serve as a perfect spot to put down a drink. They are a relatively small investment but can make a big statement.

lucite faceted ::: cowhide and chrome ::: brass garden stool ::: green lacquer drum ::: pink faceted (please email for pricing/purchase info) ::: upholstered x-bench (available in tons of colors and patterns) ::: blue nailhead stool :::

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Any other "best of" posts that you're dying for?


  1. gorgeous picks! you always find the best things on overstock! THAT would be a great "best of" post for us gals on a budget :)

  2. I am always a sucker for cross legs and nail-heads so the blue one is my favorite!

  3. Need that pink faceted number in my life!

  4. love the brass garden stool! (how about a 'best of' paint color post? would love to see your favorites!)

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