Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fashion in Interiors

As someone who has loved fashion for as long as I've loved interior design its often hard to balance the two. Interiors are my true love and my priority (for my bank account) but I will never get over my love for clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. 

My very talented, very fashion focused friend, Morgan, recently introduced me to the idea of fashion as decor. I've definitely seen this before, but she was the one who named it for me.

The first time I saw this was in Adrienne Malouf's closet where she has her wedding gown framed.

And now I see it everywhere

But you want to know who does it best? The Coveteur. 

Do you integrate fashion into your decor?


  1. I love integrating fashion into home decor! I try to do it in a practical way, where items wouldn't have to get moved for everyday use.

  2. i have wanted to frame my dress since i got married in oct 2011. i had it perserved but i would love to see it every day framed, but i have no idea where to get it done. do you?

  3. i love adding fashion to my decor. my tv stand is filled with shoes, i always have a dress hanging on the wall, and my piggy bank wears necklaces. when you have a small space, it all kind of runs together once you run out of closet space. one day my closet will be home to a framed wedding dress but luckily i'm not married yet.

  4. I love to use fashion as decor. Necklaces are probably my favorite thing to use- I think it's a great way to add some color and pizzazz to any room.
    xo Akshara

  5. These are so gorgeous! I love how that wedding dress is displayed.

  6. Love the hanging wedding dress. I was thinking of framing my train but not sure if I have the courage to cut it just yet!

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