Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gray Malin & Michelle Morin

I'm sure you're all familiar with Gray Malin's beautiful photography. I was in total awe of his Bolivia collection but this week he came out with a Chicago series and I think I'm in love. Seeing his beautiful work showcasing my favorite city is just too perfect.

Now to decide which one I want in our new house!

I also recently discovered artist Michelle Morin. She is new to me but probably not to you all. She has done an entire collection for Anthropologie (famous) but I am in love with her beautiful paintings. I love the feminine quality and whimsical feel mixed with all the chalky colors.

Who are some new to you artists?


  1. I feel like you need one, Alex. So pretty.

  2. Thanks for the intro to a few new artists. I hope you don't mind but I posted your powder room sneak peek up on my blog today as something that I am loving! {

  3. I love Teil Duncan's work!

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  5. Gorgeous! And a great pop of color!


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