Monday, July 22, 2013


This past weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out with my sisters. One of my sisters moved to New York last summer and this summer, my other one, moved to San Francisco. It makes me so sad that they don't live close by anymore and this weekend made me miss our sister time even more. They were making fun of me all weekend because I was feeling so sentimental. But it really is true...

These are the friends I love and trust most in the world. Who I laugh endlessly with. Who I have the most fun with.

So Calia & Keb le Brie can you move home already?


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! My sister moved to San Fran in January, and my other sister moved to Maui three weeks ago. It's going to be so hard for us to all be together at the same time! Sigh, tear ;)

  2. Sisters are the best, mine is only one state away & I think it's too far!

  3. I'm one of three girls in my family, and my sisters & I managed a quick lunch last Friday. As we were saying good-bye in the parking lot, somehow the Soft Kitty song from The Big Bang came up and all three of us launched into an off-key version. Yes, we're kooky, but we're three of a kind!

  4. yes calia i agree! wonderful post sista zandy! love you always. ACK4Lyfeeeee.


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