Thursday, July 11, 2013

The NEW West Elm

West Elm has always been a great go-to resource for inexpensive basics but I'll be honest, I never looked to them for anything that was outside of the box. Until now. They have totally blown it out of the water with their newest collection.

The pieces are new, interesting and on-trend. Way less of the basics we're used to from them (but don't worry, that stuff is still there too)

Which is your favorite? I think that console wins it for me.


  1. Ooo I'll have to check them out more closely! Love that light fixture and console!

  2. I am obsessed with that geometric console too...and I really want to get one of those lights and spray paint them gold!!

  3. I got to visit their headquarters a few weeks ago to see the next round of stuff that will come out in September for holiday. INSANE. They're really stepping it up -- there a few things that totally have 'Alex' written all over them! :) xo, vmac


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