Friday, August 9, 2013



Loving this makeover project from HGTV Magazine that Jamie Meares (of Furbish fame) did. Its gorgeous. So fun and colorful (image above)

This little PJ set is exactly what I want right now. Pajamas have never been something I've invested in, but I think I need to start.
Jessie's new tumblr is too fun to get lost in. Music, interiors, and lots of pretty.

Erin's birthday post on the things she needs vs the things she wants hit a chord with me. There is always so much to want, but much more important things to need.

These peeks into Paula's Charleston home are gorgeous. So liveable but still so put together. I love the look.

Smitten Kitchen is a relatively new-to-me food blog that I have gotten completely lost in. I love discovering new recipes.


  1. Thank you, thank you for the shoutout lady! I'm dying, dying to see photos of your new home! :)

    Oh, and I think I need those PJ's too!

  2. I love smitten kitchen, there is an amazing spinach salad recipe that I make all the time!

  3. love those PJs! and erin's post really made me think.

  4. The Smitten Kitchen blog is so much fun! So many recipes are going down on my list to try! Thanks for the great links, happy weekend to ya!
    Simply Akshara

  5. I read Erin's post too and loved it! It's easy to make a wish list of things we's harder sometimes to verbalize what we need. And yes, what girl doesn't want those PJs?!?

  6. I've been eyeing some jcrew pjs for quite some time. At some point I think it is just something you HAVE to do for yourself! :) happy weekend!


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