Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obsessions: Home Edition

Alessandra Branca's new collection for Schumacher is really gorgeous. The colors are right up my alley, pinks, blues and chartreuse. Can't wait to use them.

One of my favorite clients introduced me to Wayne Pate and I absolutely love his stuff. Definitely need a piece for myself.

My client has this Mitchell + Gold piece in her library and I finally got to see it yesterday. It is SO much more amazing in person. The interior is all bright red. Such a fun touch.

I love this butterfly Fornasetti plate. The gold and black/white detail is a fantastic combination. I love the idea of getting a couple and hanging them in a kitchen. 

The Jill Rosenwald + Erin Gates Bateau collaboration is just too good. I want every single piece, the gold rim is just too perfect. I love that you can monogram everything in little lowercase letters.

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  1. I love that mitchell gold+ bob williams piece - such a beaut. I live right across the street from their store and I pop in every once and awhile just to dream about having their furniture in my home. :)

    xx Alecia

  2. nice pics! must follow you on pinterest!~

  3. Alessandra Branca's collection is SO gorgeous, I can't wait to use it as well!!!


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